isabella and sam conQuistador timeline

  • Nov 1, 1460

    during 1460 ponce de leon was born.

  • Nov 22, 1513

    ponce de leon named florida "La Florida"

  • Sep 10, 1528

    narvaez and his men used their t-shirts to build a ship

  • Jan 1, 1535

    narvaez 's men died in a ship wreck.

  • Jul 15, 1539

    the march inland began for hernando de soto

  • Nov 22, 1549

    the king of spain commisioned mendez to fight pirates

  • Nov 22, 1549

    the king of spain commisioned menendez to fight off pirates.

  • Nov 22, 1562

    1562jean ribault was sent to claim Florida for France.

  • Ribault was wounded by the spanish and died painfuly.

  • sir frances drake was sent to attack the spanish settlement

  • sir drake spied on the St agustine,which he later on destroyed.

  • Drake died because of a tropical disease