By billyg
  • Invasion of Ethiopia

    was a brief colonial war that began in October 1935 and ended in May 1936. The war was fought between the armed forces of the Kingdom of Italy (Regno d'Italia) and the armed forces of the Ethiopian Empire
  • Spanish Civil War

    Germany and Italy lent support to the Nationalist insurrection led by general Francisco Franco in Spain. The Soviet Union supported the existing government
  • japanese invasion of china

    japanese invasion of china
    July 1937, Japan captured the former Chinese imperial capital of Beiping after instigating the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, which culminated in the Japanese campaign to invade all of China
  • Invasion of Poland

    Invasion of Poland
    Germany invade poland using a new strategy blitkreig this was a plan that cut off supply lines and communications it was very effective on poland
  • Battle of Britain

    the first battle fought entirly by airforces if hitler would have gained air superiority he couldve further carried out operation sea lion.
  • Operation Sealion

    Germanys plan in WWII to invade at take united kingdom through the english channel
  • Operation Barbarossa

    this was a code name for the invasion of the U.S.S.R 4.5 million axis troops invaded the soviet union.
  • battle of lenningrad

    was a prolonged military operation by the German Army Group North and the Finnish Defence Forces to capture Leningrad
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    the japanes kamakazi bombers bombed american supply ships and battle ships at pearl harbor hawaii, this led to the U.S coming out of nuetrality
  • Battle of Coral Sea

    fought during May 4–8, 1942, was a major naval battle in the Pacific Theater of World War II between the Imperial Japanese Navy and Allied naval and air forces from the United States (U.S.) and Australia.
  • Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway
    Japanese aimed to eliminate the tactical forces of the united states
  • battle of stalingrad

    was a major battle of World War II in which Nazi Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad in southwestern Russia
  • Battle of Guadacanal

    Was to protect the convoy routes for Autrailian US and new zealand
  • Operation Torch

    an attempt to make the germans redo the schleiffen plan, FDR agreed to support England
  • Battle of Tarawa

    a battle in the Pacific. Was largely fought from November 20 to November 23, 1943.
  • Anzio Landing

    Amphibious landing on Italy by America, intended to outflank german forces.
  • D-Day

    Largest amphibious invasion, over 160,000 troops landing. Over 5000 boats were used.
  • Invasion of France

    Nearly 160,000 troops crossed the English Channel on 6 June; more than 3 million troops were in France by the end of August
  • Operation Market Garden

    It was the largest airborne operation of all time.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    was a major German offensive
  • Battle of Iwo Jima

    Battle of Iwo Jima
    a battle in which the United States fought for and captured Iwo Jima from Japan. The U.S. invasion was charged with the mission of capturing the three airfields on Iwo Jima.
  • Battle of Okinowa

    lasted 82 days, one of the largest death counts for americans in the war.
  • battle of berlin

    designated the Berlin Strategic Offensive Operation by the Soviet Union, was the final major offensive of the European Theatre of World War II.
  • Hitler's Suicide

    Hitler's Suicide
    Adolf Hitler committed suicide by gunshot on 30 April 1945 in his Führerbunker in Berlin.
  • VE Day

    , the date when the World War II Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany and the end of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.
  • Hiroshima

    It became best known as the first city in history to be destroyed by a nuclear weapon when the United States of America dropped an atomic bomb on it at 8:15 A.M. on August 6, 1945, near the end of World War II.
  • Nagasaki

    During World War II, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki made Nagasaki the second and, to date, last city in the world to be subject to nuclear attack.
  • VJ Day

    is a name chosen for the day on which the Surrender of Japan occurred, effectively ending World War II,