The History of Aircraft

By bisb
  • The first plane was invented

    The first plane was invented
    The Wright brothers Wilber and Orville invented the first plane.
    They called their plane the Flyer.
    It took several attempts to get the Flyer of the ground.
  • Period: to

    The history of planes

  • German Professor Ludwig Praqndtl

    German  Professor Ludwig Praqndtl
    A German professor Ludwig Pragndtl greats the plans for his plane which will be built in the next 20 years.
  • the first flight across the Atlantic ocean

    Charles Lindbrgh is the first man to flie solo acrros the atlantic ocean.
  • the first passenger flight

    The first passenger aircraft flyes whith passengers on board.
  • a Helicopter is built

    a Helicopter is built
    The Russian enginer Igor Sikorsky builds the VS-300 helicopter for the U.S. army.
  • The first Boeing 747-4000 flies.

    The first Boeing 747-4000 flies.
    The 747-4000 was the largetst pasenger aircraft in its time. It was one of British airways most used aircraft.
  • Easyjet's first flight.

    Easyjet's first flight.
    Easyjet launch their first plane, which flew from London to Amsterdam.
  • The A380 is built

    The A380 is built
    The largest passenger aircraft is built the A380 . Airbus have said they hav built and flown the largetst plane in histroy. The 2 deck aircraft is caperble of holding 525 passengers.