WWII Timetoast Timeline

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    World War 2

  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany Invades Poland
    Germany invades Poland with no warning. The Polish army was defeated within months of the invasion.
  • County Fair Peace Demonstration

    County Fair Peace Demonstration
    Thousands of people of all faiths, attending the county fair, joined in a peace demonstration as Great Britain declared war on Nazi Germany.
  • France Surrenders to Germany

    France Surrenders to Germany
    Hitler unleashed an intense Blitzkrieg attack on France. France can no longer hold it's own against Germany and is forced to surrender. Leaving Germany with more than 2/3 of France.
  • Highland Park Zoo Reopening

    Highland Park Zoo Reopening
    Highland Park Zoo, completely overhauled and modernized, was reopened to the public.
  • Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor
    The suprise attack on Pearl Harbor was completely unexpected and very detrimental. This was the spark to the US involvement in World War 2, which also lead to the Allie victory.
  • Enlistment of Young Men in the Army in Pittsburgh

    Enlistment of Young Men in the Army in Pittsburgh
    More than 1200 Pittsburgh young men volunteered for enlistment in the armed services in one day.
  • Battle Of Midway

    Battle Of Midway
    Fought near the Pacific Island of Midway. Known as the decisive battle of the War in the Pacific. Japan had been on the offensive and planned to attack Midway next, but with the US's communication intelligence they were able to suprise the Japanese and sink 4 of their carriers.
  • Blackout Practice (Pittsburgh)

    Blackout Practice (Pittsburgh)
    First "blackout" practice took place.
  • The Battle of Stalingrad

    The Battle of Stalingrad
    Known by many as the the turning point in World War 2 in Europe. It was one of the most bloody and violent battles in World War 2.
  • Dedication of Western State Psychiatric Hospital

    Dedication of Western State Psychiatric Hospital
    Western State Psychiatric Hospital, a 17-story building started in 1938 and built at a cost of $2,500,000, was dedicated by Governor Arthur H. James.
  • D Day

    D Day
    160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of French coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. This opened the long-awaited "Second Front" against Adolf Hitler's Germany.
  • No-Strike Pledge

    No-Strike Pledge
    In a mass rally outside the East Pittsburgh plant, 20,000 employees of Westinghouse reaffirmed a no-strike pledge for duration of the war.
  • War Contract Surveys

    War Contract Surveys
    A survey showed that war contracts completed to date or underway in Pittsburgh district plants totaled $903,398,644, with $322,000,000 of it delivered to the front lines.
  • Allies Liberate (Free) Paris

    Allies Liberate (Free) Paris
    The Americans finally broke out of the Norman hedgerows and were on the move, many inhabitants who had left the capital hurried back to the city. German forces in Paris surrendered to the Allies, completeling the liberation of Paris.
  • 15-inch Snowfall Hits Pittsburgh

    15-inch Snowfall Hits Pittsburgh
    Thousands of Monday night Christmas shoppers were stranded Downtown by a 15-inch snowfall; all hotels were filled to capacity and lobbies were pressed into service as shelter; mills, schools, and many other activities were forced to suspend for two days.
  • Battle of The Bulge

    Battle of The Bulge
    The Battle of Bulge was the last major Nazi attack on the Allies. Germany lost the battle due to lack of fuel. This was also the largest battle fought by the US in World War 2.
  • Battle of Iwo Jima

    Battle of Iwo Jima
    The Battle of Iwo Jima took place in February 1945. The capture of Iwo Jima was part of a three-point plan the Americans had for winning the war in the Far East.
    By 1944, America and her allies in the Pacific War had the ascendancy. In the west, the Japanese were being turned back in Burma and island hopping had isolated Japanese forces in the eastern sector.
  • Dr. John Bowman

    Dr. John Bowman
    Dr. John G. Bowman the nation's highest-paid educator of the day at $31,500 a year, resigned after 15 years as chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Rufus H. Fitzgerald, vice-chancellor, was designated his successor.
  • 100th Anniversary of the Fire of 1845

    100th Anniversary of the Fire of 1845
    The city marked the 100th anniversary of its great fire of 1845 with a parade and pageantry.
  • FDR Dies, Truman Becomes President

    FDR Dies, Truman Becomes President
    President Roosevelt died on this day of a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, Truman stepped into office and became President.
  • Prayer Services for FDR

    Prayer Services for FDR
    The city and county governments, business, schools, and all other activities were suspended, all churches scheduled special prayer services, and Mayor Scully asked all amusement places to close in mourning for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • HItler Commits Suic ide

    HItler Commits Suic ide
    Hitler took up residence in the Führerbunker on 16 January 1945, where he presided over a rapidly disintegrating Third Reich as the Allies advanced from both east and west. By late April, Soviet forces had entered Berlin and were battling their way to the centre of the city where the Chancellery was located. On 22 April, Hitler said defeat was imminent and that Germany would lose the war. He expressed his intent to kill himself and he eventually did it.
  • VE Day

    VE Day
    The announcement of Germany's surrender to the Allies in Europe. VE stands for Victory in Europe.
  • Dr. Paul Anderson

    Dr. Paul Anderson
    Dr. Paul R. Anderson, dean of Lawrence College in Appleton, Wisconsin, was elected president of Pennsylvania College for Women to succeed Dr. Herbert L. Spencer.
  • George E. Evan Dies

    George E. Evan Dies
    Councilman George E. Evan, chairman of the Pittsburgh Housing Authority and a pioneer in slum-clearance planning, died at the age of 69.
  • Atomic Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima

    Atomic Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima
    The main target was Hiroshima for the B-29 bomber. As the crew dropped "Little Boy," its 9,700-pound uranium bomb, and waited for the blast, the city of Hiroshima was left in cloud of ruin.
  • Atomic Bomb Dropped On Nagasaki

    Atomic Bomb Dropped On Nagasaki
    This was the second such attack on Japan from the US in a span of three days. The bomb was said to completely destroy the city.
  • Russian Leaders Arrive

    Russian Leaders Arrive
    Russian labor leaders arrived to tour the district's steel mills
  • VJ Day

    VJ Day
    It was announced on this day that Japan had surrendered unconditionally to the Allies, ending World War 2. This day has been known since that as Victory over Japan day (VJ Day).
  • Victory over Japan In Pittsburgh

    Victory over Japan In Pittsburgh
    The city was jubilant over the surrender of Japan.