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AP US History

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus arrives at New World

    Columbus arrives at the New World. he first comes to the carribeans and mistakenly identifies the New World as India.
  • Mar 28, 1565

    St. Augustine Settled

    After being discovered earlier by Ponce De Leon. Mendez and a group of solidiers came to settle the florida area
  • Jamestown is the first English colony

    It was the first English colony in america. it followed several fail attempts at settlement. it was the capital of the new world for 82 years. it was a vital piece in starting a population in the new world
  • Tobacco begins in Virginia

    tobacco farming began in virginia and soon became their primary crop. it soon spread north to maryland
  • English pilgrims arrive at America

    English separatist in search of religious freedom arrived in Massachutess were they more free from their tyrant leader. It was one of the first successful settlements
  • Boston is Founded

    Puritan colonists from England founds Boston. They were Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Boston was a key peice in the colonizatioin of America
  • William Penn founds Pennsylvania

    Repaying William Penn for a previous debt charles II granted Penn a charter for the Pennsylvania colony.
  • North Carolina is separated from South Carolina

    The one colonie splits into two for noclear reason other than land ownership disputes
  • Britain and France sign Treaty of Utrecht

    Britian is granted most of Canada and thus becomes the dominent force in North America.
  • British found the colony of Georgia

    Georgia was founded by Oglethorpe for debtors from england, it also acted as a buffer from the French Floridia
  • Boston Massacre

    riotors were throwing snowballs and tanuting British solidiers when the solidiers opened fire on the crowd of riotors. 5 colonist were killed.
  • Boston Tea Party

    This act granted a Monopoly on trading for the British East India Company it thus put colonial merchants out of business.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Colonist climbed on board British ships and poured all their tea into the boston harbor. The event was in retalliation of the Tea Act.
  • Intolerable Acts

    A series of four acts that were set to rebuke the privlages of the colonists. It was in response to the Boston Tea Party.
  • Lexington & Concord

    It was the first battle of the revolution and it was the start of the war.
  • Second Conitenental Congress

    they came together to make a treaty with Indians, and work on war tactics and they radified the Articles of Confederation. they did this in a short amount of time
  • Battle at Bunkerhill

    The english placed them selfs in good position for their first win against the British troops. it showed Britain that America was ready for war.
  • Olive Branch Petition

    The continental congress used this to try and prevent a full blown war with Great Britian. It proved unsucessful. America was later declared a state of rebelion
  • The Prohibitory Act

    The act tried to ruin the american economy by making trade illegal. it made americans strive for freedom more than ever.
  • Declaration of Independence

    it stated that the us was a free country independent of britian. it was signed by the founding fathers. writen by thomas jefferson. it disscussed natural rights, it also listed greivences by the colonist against britian
  • Battle of Trenton

    after crossing the delaware general george washington captured nearly the whole force of hassian soldiers from germany. it was a massive win for the americans
  • Battle of Saratoga

    The battles were escential in formally securing France as an ally. It was considered the turning piont of the war.
  • Battle of Camden

    The americans squared off against the british and german forces and lost nearly 3000 men in the battle.
  • Battle of Kings Mountain

    for the south it was a major win, some consider it the turning point of the war for the south. the patriots were outnumbered but managed to win by using strategic positioning.
  • Battle of Cowpens

    Cowpens was an important battle in the southern campagiane. it proved that the patriots had one in the south
  • Yorktown

    George Washington and the rest of the American army had British troops surrounded in York town. General Cornwallis was forced to surrender to the Americans ending the war.
  • Treaty of Paris

    A document that formall ended the war, it was ratified by the continental congress and by the king of britian. it said that america was officially soveriegn and also mentioned that the mississippi was still nuetral to both countries.
  • Land Ordinence of 1785

    this allowed americans to sell unmapped land and to benefit from the money, it was a spark for the agriculture and economic developement of the new country
  • Northwest Ordinence of 1787

    it allowed Americans to settle north of the Ohio river but still east of the mississippi river. this was a major achievment for considering the restrictions that used to applie.
  • XYZ Affair

    The US wanted to speak to the diplomats of france but they denied him unless they paid 200,000 dollars. when they did meet france sent lower level people instead of a leader.
  • George Washington elected President

    After leading the americans to victory against britian Washington was unanimoiusly voted president.
  • French Revolution

    The monarchy of France fell after three years. The French Revolution was a period of great social and political upheaval. A democratic republic came in place of the monarchy.
  • Jay's Treaty

    Jay's Treaty let America and Brtian aviod war. but America had to pay for war debts, an brtian had to get the heck out
  • Marbury vs Madison

    Adams appoints 16 new positions on his last day in office. but the appiontments never made were delievered by Madison. Marbury sued Madison for not delievering the message.
  • The Lousisiana Purchase

    The united statesspent work out a deal to buy land from france. it cost nearly 15 million dollars and double the size of the country
  • Barbary Pirates

    Barbary Pirates captured one of our battleships and used it. when we came after them they surrendered, it was the first victory for United States on foriegn territory.
  • Chesapeake Incident

    U.S ship was close to the cheaspeake bay when a british ship stopped them, boarded the ship and captured 3 members
  • Embargo of 1807

    The United States made it so they could not trade with anyone outside the country. obviously it failed miserably.
  • War of 1812

    United States declared war against Britian because they did not show respect toward the new country. France helped the US
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle in which we lost nearly 80% of our men but we still managed to win and gain control of the nortrh west
  • Battle of Plattsburg

    America was lead by Thomas Macdonough (mac's greaet great great uncle). they took control of lake Champlaign
  • Hartford Convention15 Dec 1814

    It ended the 3/5th comprimise. it also set restictions on the time and hometown of the president
  • Treaty of Ghent

    An agreement that formally ended the war of 1812. the war took 20 years before the treaty was signed.
  • Fisheries Commission of 1818

    it allowed the us to pursue the Grand Banks of northern Michigan
  • Rush-Bagot Treaty of 1818

    An agreement between US and Britian that demilitarized the area between the US and Canada and the great lakes