History/Personal Timeline.

  • Ashlea'a Brithday

    Ashlea'a Brithday
    Ashlea was born in Riverside, at the Park View hospital.
  • Oj Simpson Trial

    Oj Simpson Trial
    Oj Simpson is an Ex-NFL player and has been accused of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Nicole was his Ex-Wfie of two years and Ronald was his friend. He of course pleaded not gulity and the trial went on for a long time. and he was found not guilty because the "glove didn't fit".
  • Princess Diana

    Princess Diana
    Princess Diana got into a very bad car accident in Paris France.
  • Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton
    On this day he addmitted to a full jury that he had an inappropriate relationship with his intern Monica Lewinsky.
  • Moving.

    Ashlea moved from Riverside to Yucaipa, because her moms job was closer to Yucaipa.
  • Tsunami

    Tsunami hits Thailand, parts of India and other places. There were 4,812 deaths/457juries, and 4,499 missing.
  • Katrina!

    The Hurrican hit New Orleans in September. from the 9th to the 17th. It killed over 1,863 people. And just about everyone lost there homes.
  • Remarried?

    Ashlea's mom got remairred at the LDS church, when Ashlea was 10 years old. BIG CHANGES were made
  • The Baby.

    The Baby.
    My niece Emily was born, and in this picture she's two. She has brought our family a lot closer.

    Ashlea started Highschool at the nineth grade campus, but after her "class" left they shut it down and brought all the grades at one school.