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Energy use in the United States

  • arrival

    colonists arrive in what is now known as the united states. Their main source of fuel is wood.
  • Period: to

    Energy use in the United States

    Important events in the history of energy in the united states
  • Oil Rig

    Oil Rig
    Edwin Drake creates the first drilling rig to hit oil.
  • Horsepower

    up until this point, draft animals account for over half the total Horsepower of all prime movers
  • King Coal

    King Coal
    Coal beats out firewood at this point as the main energy used in the united states
  • hydroelectric

    hydroelectric power is made avalible in the united states
  • Petroleum

    petroleum becomes the most widely used source of energy in the United States
  • Nuclear power

    Nuclear power
    Nuclear Energy becomes avalible as a source of energy.
  • Solar Energy

    Solar Energy
    The first solar powered satellite is launched into space
  • Geothermal

    The country's first mass Geothermal plant opens for operation
  • Ethanol

    The first R&D in the United states on Ethanol Begins