Tom Sawyer

By pare
  • mark twan

    mark twan
    He lived in Hannibal, Missouri. The state of Missouri is in the centre of the United States. samuel's mother was kind and beatiful.samuel had one brother and one sister.samuel left school and he had many jobs-from 1853 to 1854 he worked for a printer.
  • mark twain

    mark twain
    mark twain wrote very many stories. some of his stories are:
    1880: the tramp abroad.
    1882: the prince and the pauper.
    1876: the adventures of tom sawyer.
    1883: life on the mississippi.
    1884: he adventures of huckleberry finn
    1889: aconnecticut yankee in king arthur's court
  • Tom sawyer

    Tom sawyer
    1844: tom was eleven years old. he lived in st petersburg, missouri.
    1-look behind you
    2-the fence
    3-the beetle
    4-huckleberry finn
    5-becky thatcher
    6-the graveyard
    7-written in blood
    8-muff potter in jail
    9-the pirates
    10-a funeral and trial
    11-buried treasure
    12-the picnic at the caves.