Dont tred on me flag

Jake's revolutionary war

  • Bostin Tea Party

    Bostin Tea Party
    The Bostin Tea Party is what started the Revolutionary War off. It was when the rebels dumped the tea from the British ships into the water.
  • British Empire

    British Empire
    The British Empire strength was like 1 to 100 (America was the one and Great Britan was the one hundred ) but when the French Empire joined forces it was 50-50 chance.
  • Strike Forces

    Strike Forces
    This is the French, American, and the British strike forces.It is were the armies will attack .
  • American Army

    George Washington takes controle of the American army.
  • British Flag

    British Flag
    This is the flag that was flown in 1775.
  • Dont Tread On Me

    Dont Tread On Me
    This is the flag the rebels flew dering the British Tea Act.
  • USA

    This is a picture of the American Flag.
  • France Sighns Treaty With America

    France Sighns Treaty With America
    The French army sighns a treaty with America.
  • American Flag

    First time Amercan flag flies on foren dirt (in the Bahamas)
  • Decloration of Indapendens

    Decloration of Indapendens
    The decloration of indapendens was signed on July 4th, 1776.

    William Floyd John Hancock Matthew Thornton Samuel Adams John Adams Benjamin Franklin George Ross Thomas Jefferson.
  • War

    France declares war on Great Britan so they can help
  • If America Lost the War

    If we lost the revolutionary war the British Empire problely would have hung Ben Franklen, Gorge Washington, and Thomas Jeferson. We would have had 13 colonies and no states.