History of Energy Timeline

By arf1218
  • First Turbine

    Giovanni Branca, an Italian architect, invents a primitive turbine that has a boiler with a nozzle to direct steams into wooden blades of a wheel.
  • Fist Person to Drill for Oil

    1859 Colonel Edwin Drake was the first person to drill for oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania.
  • Thomas Eddison Invents the Light Bulb

    Thomas A. Edison invents the electric light bulb.
  • First Nuclear Reactor

    The first nuclear reactor the world as seen was built in Shipingport, PA for commercial power.
  • OPEC Oil Embargo

    OPEC oil embargo drives causes a major increase in fuel prices.
  • First Oil Crisis

  • President Jimmy Carter Gives Speech

    President Jimmy Carter delivers his famous energy conservation
    speech urging Americans to use less energy.
  • First Wind Farm

    First wind farm established in New Hampshire.
  • President Reagan Ends Price Controls

    President Reagan ends price controls on crude oil and refined petroleum products.
  • Solar One Opens

    Solar One, the nation's first commercial solar thermal power plant opens near Daggett, California.
  • OPEC Cuts Price of Crude Oil

    OPEC cuts the price of crude oil for the first time in 23 years.
  • General Motors Introduces Electric Car

    General Motors introduces an electric vehicle at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show.
  • Persian Gulf War

    Persian Gulf War highlights vulnerability of oil supply.
  • Monopolys Broken Up

    Assembly Bill 1890 passed in California setting forth specific tasks to break up the regulated monopolys tructure of the electric utility industry.
  • First Wind Farm in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin's first wind farm began operation in the Town of Glenmore.
  • Bush Signs Bill

    President George Bush signs a comprehensive Energy Bill.
  • First Collection of Solar Energy

    American scientists report the first successful silicon solar collectors.