Pro Ian Frazer

  • Birth

    Ian frazer was born on the 6th of January 1963
    in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Married Caroline

    Married Caroline
    Ian frazer married Caroline before immagrating to Australia
  • Period: to

    Gave birth to Callum, Jamie and Andrew

  • Migrates to Melbourne

    Migrates to Melbourne
    Ian frazer immagrates to Melbourne to further study his work in viral immunology
  • In Frazer Moves to Brisbane, Queensland.

    In Frazer Moves to Brisbane, Queensland.
    Professor Frazer moves to Brisbane to take up a research and teaching post at the University of Queensland.
  • Basis for Ian Frazer's cervical cancer vaccine is discovered

    Along with Dr Jian Zhou, Professor Ian Frazer discovers the basis for a vaccine that will prevent cervial cancer amoungst young women.
  • Beacme an Australian citizen

    Beacme an Australian citizen
    Ian frazer Completed the Australian citizen test and was imported from Scotland into Melbourne
  • Ian Frazer wins the Australian Biotechnology Award.

    Ian won the Australian Biotechnology award on the 1st of Jan 1999
  • CSIRO Eureka Prize

    In 2005 Ian won the CSIRO Eureka Prize for leader ship in scinece.
  • Queenslander of the Year

    Ian frazer was nominated by the premier of NSW to go further and try to be awarded Australian of the year
  • Awarded Australian of the year

    After Ian Frazer discovered the basis of the cervical cancer vaccine he was succesful in being awarded the Australian of the year award in 2006
  • Recieved the Priministers Award