5.8 Timeline

  • Famous Kite!

    Famous Kite!
    Ben Franklin proved that lightening and electricity were the same thing by attaching a key to a kite during a thunderstorm.
  • Streetcars

    E.W. v. Siemens. invented the first electric street car in Berlin
  • Pearl street power station

    Pearl street power station
    Pearl Street power station was opened by Thomas Edison (in New York City. It was one of the world' first central power plants which could power 5,000 lights
  • Bunsen Burner

    Bunsen Burner
    The Bunsen burned was created which produced a flame that could be used for cooking and mixed the perfect amount of natural gas and air for safe use!
    Only date known is the year 1885
  • Model T

    Model T
    The first "hybrid" was developed by Henry Ford called the Model T and could run on ethanol, gasoline, or a combination of the two.
  • Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam
    Originally named the Boulder Dam, this hydropower plant produced up to 130,000 kilowatts of electricity on the Colorado River.
  • Grand Coulee

    Grand Coulee
    Grand Coulee, the Nation's largest hydroelectric dam, began operation
    The nations largest hydroelectric dam was up and running!
  • OPEC

    The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was formed by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. This organization controls the majority of the world's oil supply and also controls oil prices and production
  • Clean Air Act Amendments

    Clean Air Act Amendments
    These amendments proposed changes to the burning of fossil fuels to better the air quality
  • Three Mile Island

    Three Mile Island
    An accident at Three Mile island resulted because of problems with the equipment and human error. This accident was caused by a TMI-2 reactor core.