5.8 Energy Timeline

By anand25
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    Energy Timeline

  • Bioelectricity

    Luigi Galvani found out that the communication between the nerve cells and the muscle is a form of electricity called bioelectricity.
  • The First Battery

    The First Battery
    Alessandro Volta created the world's first battery.
  • Geothermal Energy is Discovered

    Geothermal Energy is Discovered
    John Colter dicovered geothermal energy by dicovering Yellowstone's hot springs.
  • Carbon Lamp

    Carbon Lamp
    Sir Humphrey Davis, from New England, invented the first effective carbon lamp
  • Electrical Relay

    Electrical Relay
    Joseph Henry invented electrical relay.
  • Lightbulb

    Thomas Edison invents the world's first functional lightbulb.
  • Solar Power

    Solar Power
    Henry Becquerel discovered solar energy while doing an experiment
  • Power Line

    Power Line
    The first power line in the USA was between USA and Canada, over the Niagara Falls
  • Birth of the Modern Oil Industry

    Birth of the Modern Oil Industry
    Texas' hill, known as Spindletop, had a large, unknown reserve of oil. On January 10, 1901, the oil "erupted" from the ground. The price of oil dropped from $2 to $.03.
  • World's first Nuclear Bomb

    World's first Nuclear Bomb
    The world's first nuclear bomb was tested in New Mexico