5.8 Energy Timeline

  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin performs his famous kite and key experiment proving lightning to be the same as static electricity.
  • the naming of Volt

    the naming of Volt
    Alessandro Volta invents the first electric battery.
  • 1st fuel cell

    1st fuel cell
    Sir William Robert Grove creates the first fuel cell.
  • 1st incandescent lightbulb

    1st incandescent lightbulb
    In 1879, Thomas Edison invents the first long lasting incandescent lightbulb. (40 hours total)
  • selling electricity

    selling electricity
    The California Electric Light Company was the first company to sell electricity to consumers.
  • Pearl Street Power Station

    Pearl Street Power Station
    The Pearl Street Power Station used a direct current power system and could power 5000 lights. It was one of the world's first power plants.
  • steam turbine generator

    steam turbine generator
    Sir Algernon Parsons developed a steam turbine generator which could generate enormous amounts of electricity.
  • power line

    power line
    A 22 mile power line was created in California stretching from Polsom Powerhouse to Sacramento.
  • electron discovery

    electron discovery
    John Thomson discovers the electron.
  • 1st nuclear power plant

    1st nuclear power plant
    Russia created the world's first nuclear power plant.