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The life of john and paul

  • paul was born

    paul was born
    paul was born in liverpool merseyside england.
  • Period: to

    Paul's Life

    Paul McCartney's Life
  • 11+ exam

    at the age of 11 paul was one of the fuor students who passed this test and gained at place at Liverpool Institute for Boys.
  • first song

    first song
    after his mothers death he wrote his first song
  • first show played

    first show played
  • Period: to

    Life in the Beatles

    JOhn and Pauls lives during the Beatles erra.
  • the start of the beatles

    the start of the beatles
  • the beatles first recital

    the beatles first recital
  • please please me

    please please me
    there first album the beatles had came out with. some songs are
  • drugs and paul

    drugs and paul
    paul started to use drugs aroud this time called preludin.
  • linda mccartney

    linda mccartney
    he married linda
  • pauls wife dies

    pauls wife dies of breast cancer
  • heather mills

    paul married her in the year of 2002