Chuck Norris' Life

  • Birth of Chuck Norris

    Birth of Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris was born on this 10th day of March in the year of 1940 and was originally named Carlos Ryan Norris.
  • Birth of Chuck Norris ("Blue Baby")

    He was considered a "blue baby" because he didn't breathe imediately after being born
  • Birth of Brother

    Chuck's brother, Wieland, was born on this day
  • Enlisted

  • Birth of 2nd Brother

    Aaron, Chuck's youngest brother, was born on this day.
  • Divorce of Parents

    Biological parents get divorced
  • Mother's 2nd Marriage

    Met George Knight and married him
  • Military Police

    Military Police
  • Chuck gets married

    Chuck meets Dianne and marries her
  • Intro to Karate

    Intro to Karate
    Joined the judo club and then changed to Tang Soo do while stationed in Korea
  • Black Belt

    Black Belt
    Chuck got his Black Belt in Tang Soo Do
  • First Tournament

  • 2nd Tournament

  • All American Karate Championship

    All American Karate Championship
  • Las Vegas Karate Nationals

    Chuck's Tournament
  • Period: to

    TV Shows

    Chuck was on a bunch of Talk Shows
  • Death of Brother

    Wilelands Death in Vietnam
  • Return of the Dragon

    Return of the Dragon
    Chuck fought Bruce Lee in the Colosseum in Italy for the movie Return of the Dragon
  • Period: to


    Chuck created tons of movies, some of which are: Code of Silence, Invasion USA, Braddock: Missing in Action III, Lonewolf McQuade, A Force of One.
  • Bruce Lee Died

  • Period: to

    Off Road Racing