Thomas Bell

By xavr
  • Birth

    Thomas is born to Joseph and Edith Bell, the youngest of three boys, Sherlock and Benjamin
  • Period: to

    The Life of Thomas Bell

  • Sherlock's Death

    Sherlock, Thomas' older brother died, aged 11 of smallpox.
  • Benjamin's Death

    Thomas' older brother Benjamin died the day after Thomas's ninth birthday aged 13 of smallpox.
  • Joseph's Death

    Joseph's Death
    Joseph Bell died.
  • Elizabeth Redmond

    Thomas met an Irish girl named Elizabeth Redmond who he fell in love with.
  • Immigration to Australia

    The 23 year-old immigrated to Australia on a ship
  • WWI

    World War One broke out and Thomas joined the AFC, proving himself as an Ace.
  • Armistice

    WWI ended and Thomas returned home with over 20 medals of bravery and having shot down the famous Red Baron during service in No. 4 Squadron of the RAAF.
  • Baker St Detective Agency

    Thomas opened the Baker St Detective Agency to make use of the detective skills his father taught him. (Jospeh Bell was the man Arthur Conan Doyle based his famous character Holmes on)
  • Period: to

    Baker St Working period

    During this time Thomas worked as a detective, solving 159 cases and according to the police, saving 74 lives.
  • Marriage

    Thomas married Elizabeth Redmond in Brisbane.
  • William Redmond

    Thomas' son William Bell was born. (He later changed his name to Bell-Redmond as he was extremely fond of his mother).
  • Benjamin White

    Thomas faced off against master-criminal Benjamin White. Thomas brought a sword and defeated White despite the fact White had a gun.
  • WWII

    WWII broke out and again Thomas joined the RAAF, this time, along with his son, William
  • Death

    Thomas' Spitfire was shot down in the English Channel by German Ace Von Kich. The wreck was never recovered and a memorial was placed on the Hill of Tara