the freedom of the red white and blue

  • Stranded at plimoth plantation

    A ship set sail from england to get to jamestown.
  • Period: to

    sothern colonies

    the sothern colonies is the colony closest to the south and in the sothern colonies there is georgia soth caralina north carlina virgina and maryland
  • Period: to

    new englands trading

    some of the traids where fishing and whaling.they had a surpluse amount of fish.
  • Period: to

    the boston tea party

    the boston tea party is about the british taxing tea and the colonists dressed up as indains and trow tea over bored so that they do not get caught and do not have to pay taxes
  • Period: to

    The french and indian war

    The french and indian war is about the french and indians fiting over land.
  • intolerable acts

    the intolerable acts is about they stoped bying things that are taxet
  • battle of bunkerhill

    the battle of bunker hill was when the brtish tried to take over that hill and the colonists would not allow it so they fought over it in a fierce battle
  • The Americaus revoltuion

    the american revolition is about the french and indian warn british road to victory stamp act sugeract the bosten tea party and the secound contanentol congress.
  • Period: to

    common sense

    common sense was and atical that a man wrote to inspire people abouy it and get people to read it.
  • Period: to

    battle of yorktown

    the battle of york town was a big help for freedom of indapendence
  • Period: to

    bread basket colonies

    the bread bastek colonies is where most wheat and grain are farmed there to make bread
  • the declaration of independence

    the declaration of independence is the say of the colonies for freedom from the british.