founding america group:DX

  • the puritans settle in america

    the month and day is unknown
  • 1628 quakers settle in pennsylvania

    minth and day unknown
  • John Endecott took the Puritans to New England

  • Harvard was created

  • Quakers settle in pennsilvania

    New Jersey was sold to the quakers.King charles named a piece of land named pennsylvania
  • williamsburg becomes a city

    most people were moving west in jamestowneople moved to williamsburg because of fires and other problems
  • fishing and whaling

    the new england colonies were fishing for surplus so they can trade it to people in europe and they started whalinig as a part of hunting and they boild the whales blubber and fat for oil
  • the sugar act

  • the stamp act

    all kinds of legal documents almanacs phamlets insurance policies licences and playing cards had to pay tax for it.

    The sons of liberty boarded the ships and broke 342 tea chests and dumped them into the harbor.
  • Braddock's defeat

    braddock wanted to capture fort Duquesne braddock was defeated by british colonists
  • battle at bunker hill

    after it got dark the colonest staarted to build earthquacks
  • The battle of bunker hill

    Angry citizens started to build earthworks. boston was the only safe place for the british. the fight was brutal
  • battle at buncker hill

    washington said yes to be the chief commander
  • battle at bunker hill

    the colonest drove the britch back twice before they ran out of gunpowder
  • the foreign war

    hoping to avoid more fighting
  • the declaration of independence.

    congress wanted to write the comittees view of independence. the comitte had benjamin franklin john adams robert r livingstons and thomas jefferson.
  • the revulutionary war