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    The Great Depression Timeline: "Of Mice And Men" Historical Background Information. Select the dots to see timeline events.

  • Stock Market Crashes

    October 29, 1929—After several years of a strong American economy, the stock market crashes, leaving many people without the money they had depended upon their entire lives. Herbert Hoover is president.
  • Unemployment reaches 3.2 million

    January, 1930—American unemployment reaches 3.2 million, more than doubling what it was before the crash. Some resort to selling items on the side of the road.
  • Financial assistance available from government agencies

    January 22, 1932—Local and national government entities offer relief to people affected by the stock market crash. More than half a million people in New York alone are reported to need assistance.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt wins the presidential election.

    November 11, 1932—Franklin D. Roosevelt wins the presidential election over Herbert Hoover.
  • California farmworkers' poor living conditions receive public notoriety.

    March 10, 1936—California farmworkers get noticed through works of journalists, photographers, writers, and others who speak out. The migrant workers live in very poor conditions.
  • President Roosevelt requests stimulus plan

    April 14, 1938—President Roosevelt requests a stimulus from Congress to help with rising unemployment.
  • Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. US enters World War II.

    December 7, 1941—Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, and the United States enters World War II. The economy begins to rebound.