Mike Cumbo

  • "Jacks wish"

    "Jacks wish"
    Jack makes a wish to have a friend that he wants his cow to give his family milk.
  • "Jacks problem"

    "Jacks problem"
    Jack has a problem because his mom dosent really want to keep the cow because it dosent produce milk and the cow was jacks only freind.
  • "Jack lies"

    "Jack lies"
    Jack tells a lie to the baker so he will buy the cow. Jack tells the baker that his cow gives alot of milk so he can get his money but the baker lies to him and gives him 5 "magical beans" for the cow.
  • "I guess its goodbye"

    "I guess its goodbye"
    This song is song by jack. It tells that jck is going to really miss his cow and that he was his only friend. Jack ends up wanting to goand find his cow and buy him back for 5 gold coins.
  • "Jack wants his cow back"

    "Jack wants his cow back"
    Jack sells his cow but when he tells his mom that he sold a cow for 5 magic beans she gets mad and jack did not really want to sell the cow so he goes off and trys to get him back.
  • "Jack finds his cow but cant get it back"

    "Jack finds his cow but cant get it back"
    Jack goes into the woods to find his cow and he finds him but the baker will only give it back to him for 5 gold coins. Jack gives him the coins and the baker kepps the coins but dosent give jack the cow back.
  • "Jack plants the seeds"

    "Jack plants the seeds"
    Jack plants his seeds given to him by the baker. Low and behold the beans grow to a huge stock.
  • "Giants in the sky"

    "Giants in the sky"
    Jakc goes up in the ski on the bean stalk and finds two giants in the sky. They have a chiken that can lay golden eggs and a harp that plays by itself. Jack takes the golden egg so he can get his cow back from the baker.
  • "Jacks second time up the bean stalk"

    "Jacks second time up the bean stalk"
    Jack goes up the beanstalk for a second time. He takes the chiken that leys golden eggs for the Baker. Jack goes down and trys to find the Baker.
  • "Jacks cow dies"

    "Jacks cow dies"
    Jakc finds the Baker and and he shows hin the chiken that lays golden eggs. The Baker dosent want the chiken. They fight about it and Jacks cow dies.
  • "Jack cuts down the bean stalk"

    "Jack cuts down the bean stalk"
    Jack is upset that his cow dies and goes back into the woods. Jack runs into Little Red and shows her the chiken. She dosent belive him so jack goes back up the bean stalk. Jack is leaving and the giant chases hin so jack cuts down the stalk.
  • "Jack chops down the bean stalk"

    "Jack chops down the bean stalk"
    Jack goes back after his cow dies down the woods and runs into LIttle Red. Jack shows her the chiken but she doesent belive him. Jack goes back up to get the magic harp to prove to Little Red. Jack goes down the stalk and the giant chases him and he cuts down the bean stalk.