Eddie Murphy By: Marissa

By mrst
  • Eddie Murphy is born!

    Eddie Murphy is born!
    Eddie was born in Brooklyn Newyork and his mother and step father names are Lillian and vernon
  • Stand up comedian

    Stand up comedian
    Eddie murphy began his career at 19 as a stand up comedian at th radio city music hall.
  • Saturday night live

    From 1980 to 1984 Eddie Murphy was an member of the saturday night live cast.This helped him become a stand-up comeidian.
  • Marriage

    Eddie Murphy got married to a beautiful women named NicoleMitchel a modle.They got married in Newyork city.
  • academy science films

    He was as best nutty proffessor and recived a saturn award.

    Eddie Murphy stared in Shrek on may 18th as the donkey. And also he was a main charecter in the comical Norbit
  • divorce

    after 12 years and 5 amazing kids Eddie and Nicole get a divorce and seperate.