Birmingham Church Bombing By: Taylor H

By mrst
  • Birmingham Church bombed!

    Birmingham Church bombed!
    Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama was bombed killing four young girls who were attending Sunday school, 20 others were injured. The four young girls go by the names of Denise Mcnair, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, and Addie Mae Collins, who were between the ages 11 and 14.
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    Four suspects were under investigation.

    Four suspects by the name of Bobby Frank Cherry, Robert Chambliss, Thomas Blantin and Herman Cash were under investigation days afer the bombing. Two years later FBI director J. Edgar Hoover refused to pursue the case because he said chances for convicting the suspects were "remote". In 1968 the investigation was shut down by federal authorities.
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    Robert Chambliss convicted of murder.

    A decade-and-a-half after the crime was commited, Robert Chambliss was convicted of killing young Carol Mcnair. In 1985 Chambliss died in jail and never admitted to the public that he was part of the bombing.
  • Herman Cash died.

    Herman Cash died.
    Herman cash died in 1994, therefore it was too late to try and suspect him as being part of the bombing.
  • Thomas Blanton was convicted of murder.

    Thomas Blanton was convicted of murder.
    Blanton was convicted becasue an FBI agent got a hold of more than 9,000 FBI documents and surveillance tapes that had been kept. He was sent to prison for the rest if his life.
  • Bobby Frank Cherry was convicted.

    Bobby Frank Cherry was convicted.
    In 2002 Cherry was convicted for four counts of murder and sentenced to a life in prison, which he died in in 2004. During Cherry's trials some of his relatives came to testify against him becasue he had braged to a lot of them about the bombing over the years.