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    Arthur Eddington

  • Arthur was born on December 28, 1882

    Arthur was born on December 28, 1882
    Arthur was born in Cumbria, England.
  • Arthur graduated from Owens College

    Arthur graduated from Owens College
    Arthur graduated from Owens College in physics. He was also one of the top ten students.
  • University of Cambridge

    University of Cambridge
    Since Arthur did so well at Owens college, the University of Cambridge awarded him a scholarship. The University gave hive him the honor of senior wrangler (first-class honours) he was the first person to have this title in just two years which students usually get it in three years.
  • Theory of relativity.

    Theory of relativity.
    Eddington made important contributions to Einstein's theory of general relativity.
  • Solar Eclipse

     Solar Eclipse
    After WWI Eddington travelled to the island of Príncipe near Africa to watch the solar eclipse of 29 May 1919. According to the theory of general relativity, stars with light rays that passed near the Sun would appear to have been slightly shifted because their light had been curved by its gravitational field.
  • Interior of Stars.

    Interior of Stars.
    Arthur discovered mass-luminosity relation. Which is about doing calculation and observing how the strs work with temperature, density and pressure.
  • fundamental theory

    fundamental theory
    His fundamental theory which was intended to be a unification of quantum theory, relativity and gravitation. The purpose was to combine several fundamental constants in order to produce a dimensionless number. In many cases these would result in numbers close to 1040, its square, or its square root.
  • Ucertainty Principle

    Ucertainty Principle
    In Arthur's contributions to quantum mechanics he says that the uncertainty principle is not because of lack of knowledge but because of ontologically meaing the unexplained nature.
  • achievemets

    Arthur has crated textbooks like "The Mathematical Theory of Relativity" also Quantom Mechanics.
  • Arthur died on November 22, 1944.

    Arthur died on November 22, 1944.
    Eddington died in Cambridge at the age of 61.