Know your artist Salvador Dali

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  • this is when Salvador Dali was born in Spain

  • Period: to

    Salvador Dali

  • Salvador was enrolled in State Primary School

  • Salvaodor's father decided to enrol him in Hispano-French School

  • Salvador's Dali's first painting

  • began secondary school

  • published first article

  • accepted to study at Fine Arts School

  • mother died

  • father married Catalina Domènech Ferrés

  • took part in the Students Original Art Works Competition Exhibition of the Catalan Students’ Association

  • father bought Salvador his first printing press

  • Dali went to Paris where he met the Spanish painters Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro.

  • Dali had found his personal style that should make him famous - the world of the unconscious that is recalled during our dreams.

  • Gala was legally divorced from her husband

  • Dali and Gala were married in a civil ceremony in Paris and in 1958 in church after Gala's former husband had died

  • couple was seen less frequently together.

  • Salvador died