The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

By willw
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    Poor Abelard

    Finally, we begin to hear of Belicia's father, Lola and Oscar's grandfather, Abelard Luis Cabral. Abelard was a surgeon working for Trujillo. Every gathering Trujillo had, "El Jefe" would ask Abelard where his wife and daughter were. Finally Trujillo insisted the daughter and wife come on the invitation, but Abelard wouldn't let them. Trujillo is only looking for his next woman to rape, and Abelard wanted to keep her safe. His daughter nor his wife went and Abelard therefore was arrested
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    The Three Heartbreaks of Belicia Cabral

    The story of Belicia Cabral, Oscar and Lola's mom, is being told during this period. Talks about the her three heartbreaks. Belicia attempts to gain independence from La Inca several times. Beli falls in love very easily and has three heartbreaks. She is very loyal to her lovers, but they are not in return.
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    Ghetto Nerd at the End of the World

    Begins with Oscar and his story. Oscar starts out being a lady's mad, but when he must dump one of his two girlfriends. Once he dumps Olga, he sees his other girlfriend, Maritza with a fellow classmate. This devastated Oscar and propelled him into a downward spiral gaining weight and producing acne. He is now a virgin and will remain a virgin through his college years.
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    Transitions to Lola, Oscar's sister's story. The story begins to talk about the abusive relationship Lola has with her mother and how she wants independence. She also falls in love very easily.
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    Sentimental Education

    This section of the book finally informs us of who the narrator is. The narrator is Lola's boyfriend Yunior. Yunior is Lola's boyfriend as well as Oscar's roommate in college. He tries to help Oscar by putting him on a diet and getting him to exercise. It works for a while until yunior pushes Oscar after he stops working. That is when the relationship between Lola and Yunior ends.
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    Land of the Lost

    Again, we return to tell Oscar's story. In this section Oscar returns from college and teaches at his old high school. He soon falls in love with Ybon. We find out that Ybon has a boyfriend. Oscar gets himself into trouble by not backing off.
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    The Final Voyage

    This tells the final days of Oscar Wao. Yunior tells us about Oscar and his final voyage to Santo Domingo. Oscar continues after Ybon which shows determination but also comes with consequences.