My timeline

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    Democritus discovered the existance of invisible atoms, characterized only by quantive properties, size, shape and motion.
  • John Dalton

    John Dalton
    John proposed the atomic theory which stated atoms of a given element posesses unique characters.
  • Wilhelm Roentgen

    Wilhelm Roentgen
    While using a CRT he observed the chemicals that glowed or what made them glow.
  • Neils Bohr

    Neils Bohr
    Bohr came up with the "Bohr Planetary Model". The father of Quantam theory,
  • JJ Thompson

    JJ Thompson
    He discovered electrons.He changed a model to the plum puddin model, and he used a cahtode ray tube. He discribed atoms was like a ball of positive charge.
  • Ernest Rulford

    Ernest developed planetary model where the nucleus is in the center. Known as "father of nucleus physics".
  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Erwin Schrodinger
    He developed mathmatical equations to describe the motion of electrons,.
  • James Chadwick

     James Chadwick
    Proved existance of neutrons. A theory called "Electron Cloud Theory" which he explained that it ment moving particles. He discovered the existance of neutron. Also a particle within the nucleus that has a mass similar to that of a proton.
  • First Atomic Bomb was Dropped

    First Atomic Bomb was Dropped
    In order to finish World War 2 Waltons and Crockroft's idea they split the atom to create a neclear bomb.
  • J Plucker

    J Plucker
    the first man to build a Cathode Ray tube used to make x-rays.