2012 review

By Thao123
  • the artest wins

    the artest wins
    there was a dollop of drama to the proceddings. the artist rote a love letter to hollx ood hugs and kisses and the best picture!
  • Viadimir Putin

    Viadimir Putin
    Mr Putin gaining over 64% enough to give him a first-round victory over nearest rival Gennady Zyuganov, with about 17%.
  • Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee

    Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee
    Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee or 60th year on the throne. Queen Elizabeth was the great grandmother, and the Queen Victoria, celebrated the first Diamond Jubilee in 1897.
  • Neil Armstrong

    Neil Armstrong
    On Saturday, Neil Armstrong died at age 82, he was the first man set his foot on the moon. Armstrong made history on 7/20/1969 He was the commander of Apollo 11.
  • London Olympics

    London Olympics
    Pistorius is the rock start for the 25 year old in his first RACE, the 200 meter. At the 2011 World Games in New Zealand, it was Pistorius first loss in seven year. The winner was American single amputee Jerome Singleton.
  • ammbassador chis

    ammbassador chis
    he was killed when a mod=b attacked a u.s. cosulate in the city of berghahaz .were going to talk about this act and its consaquences with robins write.
  • Free Full record

    Free Full record
    For a terror inducing 4 minute and 20 seconds Baumgartner freefalls, his body was plummeting toward the earth 833 mile an hour. The heights freefall without a drogue parachute, which was measured at 119,846 feet
  • hurricane sandy

    hurricane sandy
    hurricane sandy made land fall as a category 1 storm. new york is the naisons lasgest city.
  • obama wins relecstion

    obama wins relecstion
    obama wins at least 303 eletral votes. mr.obama 51 faces govermanting inseepley divided countrey.
  • Lance Armstrong loses titles

    Lance Armstrong loses titles
    Sunday Armstrong greeted about 4,300 cyclists at his Live strong charities on bike ride in Texas. He has claimed as many as 500. UCI conducted 218 tests and there were another 51 by USADA.
  • gangdam style

    gangdam style
    the got 1 milllon hits on the fist clip.also got 2 milloin thumbs up.