By quinnly
  • Winston writes down "Down With Big Brother" in his diary

    Winston wrote down "Down With Big Brother" in his diary and has commited a Thought Crime.
  • Winston dreams of his Mother and Sister

    Winston has a dream of his Mother and Sister which he does not know what happened to them.
  • Syme explains the future of Newspeak

    Syme tells Winston that someday there will be no Oldspeak but only Newspeak.
  • Winston thinks about his wife

    Winston thinks about his wife Katherine who he hated.
  • Parson's daughter turns a man into the police

    The Parson's daughter turned a man into the police because he was a foreigner.
  • Winston skips a meeting

    He skips a meeting to just walk around London and enjoy himself.
  • Winston wanders back into the Junk Shop

    While skipping his meeting Winston wanders back into the Junk Shp where he bought his diary.
  • Dark hair girl gives Winston love note

    While walking the dark hair girl bumps into Winston and hands him a note that says " I love you".
  • Winston and Julia meet in the Square

    Julia arrainged with Winston to meet in Victory Square, there they make plans to meet up later.
  • Winston and Julia have real first meeting with each other

    Winston and Julia finnally get to meet in the wilderness and they have a great time.
  • Winston talks about his wife

    In the next meeting with Julia, Winston tells her about his wife and how he wished he would have killed her so her could be with her.
  • Julia and Winston meet in the room

    Winston and Julia decide to use there new hiding place above Charington's shop.
  • Syme is vaporized

    Syme is vaporized just as Winston had predicted
  • The Party created airplanes

    Winston notices that the party now claims to have invented airplanes even though years ago he was taugt that the Party had only invented helicopters.
  • Winston meets with O'Brien

    O'Brien meets Winston and invites him to his home.
  • Winston remembers his childhood

    Winston remembers his childhood and how he was always hungry and not so nice to his family.
  • The O'Brien meeting

    Winston and Julia meet with O'Brien and become part of the Brotherhood. They are given instructions and Goldstein's book.
  • Oceania is now at War with Eastasia

    Oceania is now at war with Eastasia and always has been even though they were at war with Eurasia last week.
  • Winston and Julia are caught.

    Winston and Julia are caught by the Thought Police and take to the Ministry of Love.
  • Winston is tortured

    For a certain amount of time Winston is tortured by O'Brien and the Ministry of Love until he loves the Party.
  • Room 101

    Winston is taken to Room 101 to face his worst fears and wish them on Julia
  • Set Free

    Winston is set free. He loves Big Brother.