Son Pham's Progress

Timeline created by newsonline
  • Son's arrival

    Son's arrival
    Son Pham came to Toronto in June 2007 with the hope of having the football-sized growth reduced, if not removed. He's seen here on March 31, 2008.
  • Preventing complications

    Preventing complications
    If untreated, doctors in Boston feared the growth could eventually block Son's airway.
  • Surgery time

    Surgery time
    Son received surgeries and injections of liquids to gradually reduce the size of his growth.
  • Shrinking growth

    Shrinking growth
  • Progress

    Doctors described Son's progress as slow but steady.
  • Gradual reduction

    Gradual reduction
  • Swelling reduces

    Swelling reduces
  • Spring time

    Spring time
    Son now speaks fluent English, but the growth still makes it difficult for him to enunciate.
  • Top of the class

    Top of the class
    Son lives in Halifax and continues to go Boston for treatments. He is at the top of his class in math.
  • Face taking shape

    Face taking shape
    When he looks in the mirror, Son says he likes how his cheek is getting smaller.
  • Active life

    Active life
    Son enjoys playing badminton and is showing signs of being a gifted athlete.
  • Thank you painting

    Thank you painting
    Son Pham works on a painting at the home of a caregiver in Halifax. The 12-year-old Vietnamese orphan offered the painting as a thank you gift to the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation, which provided about $200,000 for facial surgery in Boston. (Andrew Vaughan, Canadian Press)