WWII Battles Timeline

  • hitler orders german forces to capture strategic locations in Russia

    locations included oil fields, factories, and large farmlands. he hoped to destroy the russian economy and defeat stalin
  • Roosevelt orders invasion of Morrocco and Algeria

    first us invasion of german-occupied territory
  • German forces sink over 360 american ships, texas-pensyllvania oil pipeline created

    so many tankers were sunk that the US had to build a pipeline to safely transport gasoline
  • german forces retreat from morrocco

    Rommel, the German commander in the area, is forced to retreat from morroco by the british and american army
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    german troops reached stalingrad, but they were not equipped to fight in russia's bitter cold, whereas the russians were. they were not able to capture stalingrad before the russian reinforcements arrived and surrounded the city, capturing 250,000 german troops. when the battle was over, 91,000 germans surrendered, and only 5,000 survived the russian prison camps
  • American forces invade north africa

    eisenhower plans to trap Rommell in between two allied forces
  • Battle of Kasserine Pass

    german forces outmaneuver us forces and the result is a humiliating defeat. the american general who led the attack is fired, and general Patton takes his place
  • japan bombs pearl harbor

    japanese forces unexpectedly bomb pearl harbor, a US naval base. This forces the US to join the war effort on the side of the allies.
  • Casablanca Conference

    Roosevelt meets with Churchill and agrees to step up bombing in Germany.
  • last german forces in North Africa surrender

  • sicily

    Allies land in sicily in July 1943, it is liberated by august.
  • leningrad

    russian forces hold off the germans at leningrad for 900 days
  • Anzio

    us forces land near rome behind german lines, battle commences.
  • D-day

    allies land at normandy, the liberation of france begins
  • Operation Market Garden

    failed paratrooper attack by the allies, they invade the netherlands, hoping to capture bridges across the rhine.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    last german counter attack against allied troops is halted.