Soul World Historia

  • The Birth of the Soul World

    The Soul World is born.
  • Zero Hour War I

    Moralus makes his first appearance in the Soul World. The first Zero Hour War begins.
  • The Age of Moralus Begins

    Zero Hour War I ends. Black Perfection places himself in exile. Hatrus is caged. Fearus is 'enslaved' (but continues to operate through Moralus).
  • The Great Ceasefire

    The warring factions of Black Perfection and Moralus stop the first Soul World War, and achieve a shaky ceasefire.
  • The Death of TrixleJN

    TrixleJN passes away, the Shrine of Lovos is completely destroyed, laying the Soul World to ruins, and ending abruptly that iteration of Lovos.
  • The Birth of Memorius

    The Soul World gathers as a new Shrine of Lovos is built, and from the Shrine, Memorius is born, the first external element internalized and incorporated into the structure of the Council.
  • Cowardus > Fearus

    Cowardus is chained and assaulted by Hatrus' energies. He reverts back to his first form: Fearus, who has not existed since the Age of Moralus began.