Aorthe History

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  • AD 1

    The Rend-Asunder

    A apocalyptic event that reshaped the world. A battle between Old Gods and New Gods
  • 17

    Pharaoh Ra-En-Ammen is born

    No one is certain, but it's widely accepted that the Sator dynasty of Imsephotep began with Ra-En-Ammen shortly after the Rend-Asunder.
  • 218

    Stavrou founded

    What will eventually become the capital of Imperiya Serbera is founded after the Stavrou people destroyed the existing Beau-Pierre people.
  • 268

    Reaper's Run I

  • 318

    Reaper's Run II

  • 356

    The Arcane Desecration

    The assassination of Lady Cardiana Shieldheart, also known as Our Lady of Many Talents, former ruler of the nation of Leirose. By the twin wizards Crueak and Callos DeWalt. The twins conspired to take Lady Cardiana's powers from her through some sort of arcane ritual. Whatever mechanism they intended fails to grant them any powers, but succeeded in killing the Lady as she slept. Leirose was soon absorbed by the invading Oublians.
  • 368

    Reaper's Run III

  • 418

    Reaper's Run IV

  • 427

    The Dreamers Build the Vault

  • 443

    The Dreamer's four guardians are forced to abandon the vault

  • 468

    Reaper's Run V

  • 513

    Salivo's Folly

    Leonido Bonifatius Salvio was once a great general that turned emperor of a vast swatch of land extending from what is now the province of Ambroise Ame in Royaume Oublie to the frontier lands of Oweth. He became deathly ill in 513 ARA. He had two heirs at the time, fraternal twins, in fact – A son Gallo and a daughter Gaia only 15 at the time of their father’s death. The emperor’s sudden death meant neither had been named heir to the empire.
  • 517

    Pharaoh Semempses is born

    The future ruler of the Sator dynasty is born to Pharaoh Ra-En-Ammen and an unknown woman. It is said Ra-En-Ammen is over 500 years old at the time.
  • 518

    Reaper's Run VI

  • 521

    Fragrantian Division

    In 521 ARA the senate made the decision to divide the empire in two parts – Western Fragrantia and Eastern Fragrantia. Both, they decreed, would be under the legislature of the senate, but each twin would be given their portion to govern. Gallo remained in the Western Empire, and Gaia sent to the Eastern.
  • 568

    Reaper's Run VII

  • Mar 21, 612

    The Right to Rule Charter is Signed in Volkstaadt

    During the rule of the Brandenbergs, it was common practice (eventually codified into law by Johan Brandenberg VII in 612 ARA, known as The Right to Rule Charter) to deffer to the people for important matters.
  • Jun 1, 618

    Reaper's Run VIII

  • Jun 1, 668

    Reaper's Run IX

  • Jun 1, 718

    Reaper's Run X

  • Feb 2, 760

    Pharaoh Amunhikhosef is born

    The exiled deposed ruler of Imhephosep, now Rieno de Area, is born to Pharaoh Semempses and one of his slaves, Thea. Thea was said to be 15, and the Pharaoh is believe to be 243.
  • Jun 1, 768

    Reaper's Run XI

  • Mar 15, 783

    The Battle of Candle Lake

    783 ARA the was the Battle of Candle Lake, wherein The GRagrant Empire and The Silver Empire fought over land far out east, which Imperiya considered an incursion onto their land but Imperium considered merely colonizing a wilderness. This resulted in an entire legion being destroyed during a midnight attack by the Serebran navy and resulting in a place now known as The Rest of the Conquered Legion.
  • Jun 1, 818

    Reaper's Run XII

  • Dec 1, 821

    Lynheim Destoyed by Bassith and Bayorth

  • Jan 8, 822

    Cook's Kitchen is Constructed

  • Jun 9, 830

    Cesare Hugo Torres Vasconselos-Santiago is Born

    The father of Cesaria Bernadete is born
  • Jan 2, 835

    Cesaria Carmen Milarda Correia-Salvatore is born

    Mother of the ruler of Rieno de Arena is born
  • Aug 10, 838

    Parliamentary System Officially Adopted in Volkstaadt

  • Sep 2, 841

    Opening of Grimway Regional Prison

    The Oublains had discovered the ruins of a castle in province of what would become Lareux Foret, and King Augustine the 1st would order it be converted to a prison to hold prisoners or war and tribal dissidents. It officially opened in 841, and has been in use since then.
  • 865

    Sacriphant Laurent IV, 1st son of King Augustine III of Oublia is born

  • 867

    William Abignale, 2nd son of King Augustine III of Oublia is born

  • Jun 1, 868

    Reaper's Run XIII

  • Dec 1, 870

    Agnes Montfaucon, daughtrer of King Augustine III of Oublia is born

    Born to the kiung and his second wife, Lecelina Raoult
  • Mar 17, 873

    Ceasare Hugo Defeats the Pharaoh at Astura, Rieno de Arena born

  • Dec 21, 874

    Einarr Ragnother is Born

    Future leader of Forste Verden is born in a small village in the south.
  • 875

    Margritte Everaux, 2nd daughter of King Augustine III of Oublia is born

  • Nov 19, 878

    Cesaria Bernadete Araujo Vasconcelos-Correia is Born

    The future ruler of Rieno de Arena is born to Cesare Hugo Torres Vasconselos-Santiago and Cesaria Carmen Milarda Correia-Savladore
  • May 14, 880

    Roger "Black" Borchard is Born

  • Apr 14, 882

    Olivia "Bedlam" Blanc is Born

  • Nov 24, 882

    Culling of the Agustine line, death of Charles Nicolas, William Abignale, and Sacriphant Laurent IV

    The Marquis conspired to murder all three of the sons of King Augsutine III of Oublia in a brazen show of force, storming the castle and killing them without reprisal.
  • Nov 25, 882

    Order of Confederation sign in Royaume Oublie

    The signing of The Order of Confederation by the king in 882, giving equal power of governance to the marquis and effectively ending the reign of the Augustine line of Royaume Oublie.Signed under duress.
  • 888

    Pascal Montfaucon, 1st grandson of King Augustine III of Oublia is born

  • Jan 1, 890

    The first Games are held

  • Dec 26, 891

    Invention of Flintlock Weapons

  • 892

    Jean-Marc Montfaucon, 2nd grandson of King Augustine III of Oublia is born

  • Mar 3, 893

    End of Partisan Wars

  • 896

    Jean-Marc Monfaucon, heir of Oublia is lost as sea

  • 897

    Pascal Montfaucon and Charles Montfaucon die

    Death during the Oublain Civil War
  • Apr 17, 897

    Phillipe I of Augstine is born

  • Apr 17, 897

    Agnes Montfaucon, daughter of King Augustine III of Oublia dies

    Death in childbirth to Phillipe I
  • Mar 15, 898

    Cesare Hugo Torres Vasconselos-Santiago Dies

    Cesare Hugo Torres Vasconselos-Santiago and Cesaria Carmen Milarda Correia-Salvadore die in an assassination by agents of the exiled Pharaoh. Cesaria Bernadete Araujo Vasconselos-Correia ascends to the throne.
  • Feb 4, 910

    The Re-Ascention

    The event between the Time of Troubles and The Shying of the Gods when their mortal forms reascended to godhood.
  • Feb 12, 910

    The Shying of the Gods

    The time immediately after the time of troubles. The world came together again in thanks to the gods and began to rebuild but, curiously, did not feel their divine presence as before. Some began to question whether or not the gods actually returned. Maybe they had been replaced by something else, or they no long had the power they once did. Maybe they must now focus on repairing the bonds of the multiverse and are distracted away from their creations.
  • Oct 12, 911

    Marchioness Marie Juliet DuChamp dies

    Marchioness of Amboise Ame dies after wounds sustained in a terrorist bombing of a masquerade party.
  • Mar 23, 912


  • 918

    Reaper's Run XIV

  • Period:
    Mar 17, 878

    Sator Dynasty

    The Sator dynasty of Imhephosep, now Rieno de Arena, lasted from the birth of Ra-En-Ammun to the conquering of the fertile lands by Cesare Hugo Torres Vasconselos-Santiago in 867
  • Period:
    Jun 21, 818

    Brandenberg Rule of Volkstaadt

  • Period:
    May 7, 706
    Aug 23, 755

    Civil Silver Wars

    The Eastern Fragrantian vs. Western Empire. By 706 ARA they had declared themselves an independent nation – Imperiya Serbebra, the silver empire. The war would last for fifty years with periods of sporadic violence followed by cold war. In 755 ARA the remains of the Fragrant Empire met with the newly-styled Silver Empire and an armistice was signed giving Imperiya control of the eastern lands and independence in exchange for reopening trade with the west and ceasing hostilities.
  • Period:

    Augustine Dynasty - Royaume Oublie

    The current ruling monarchy of Royaume Oublie
  • Period:

    Reign of King Augustine I of Oublia

  • Period:
    Feb 21, 815
    Jul 25, 821

    The Six Year War

    In 815 ARA there was The Six Year War, fought over the northern territory between Imperium and Imperiya, resulting in vicious trench warfare and sabotage tactics. By 820 ARA the fighting had become so terrible and spread so far that the newly crowning Krongr Vethromer Thorvalldson in Forste Verden built a wall to contain their fighting to their own borders.
  • Period:
    Jul 16, 821
    Mar 8, 860

    Fragrantian-Oublian War

    The Fragrantians, weakened by ongoing civil war, are invaded by the upstart Oublian people who, until then, had been consoidating lands on the fringes of the Fragrantian border. Here they strike and push the Fragrantian army past the Solda River, securing their lands by 860 when the Fragrantians submitted on both Oublian and Serebran fronts.
  • Period:

    Reign of King Augustine II of Oublia

  • Period:
    Oct 11, 860
    Mar 3, 893

    Imperiyan Partisan War

    Hostilities erupted internal in Imperiya Serebra. The Partisans blockaded the north from the south and a bloody civil war began. Things came to a swift end in 891 ARA when the Partisans perfected the invention of flintlock weapons. Some that believe the Iberian Order Mechanical from Volkstaadt assisted them with this. Relations between Imperiya and Volkstaadt have been touchy ever since. In 893 ARA and official peace accord was signed on Mar 3rd and is now celebrated as Solidarity Day.
  • Period:

    Reign of King Augustine III of Oublia

  • Period:
    Jul 7, 885
    Jul 18, 901

    Oublian Civil War

    The Oublian civil war between Lareux Foret / Pointe a la Hache and Ambroise Ame and Bordeaux-Mobile. Soon after the Order of Confederation was signed the four ruling marquis began fighting for more power. Eventually a treaty was signed after a few years of fighting with no marquis coming out ahead.
  • Period:
    Jun 23, 909
    Dec 23, 909

    The War of Broken Minds

    It took place between members of the Volkstaadt Regulars – several thousand members with each Order being represented, and demonic forces under the command of Belaphoss, General of Demogorgon’s army. A decision was made by Kurfürst Hermann von Dulen to fall back and defend the capital city, as the demonic forces were making a direct approach to it. The Revelers then came in and the war came to a swift end.
  • Period:
    Aug 8, 909
    Feb 13, 910

    Time of Troubles

    The Time of Troubles begins with the capture of Lliira and the entrance of the Revelers, and ends with the return of the gods and casting of the demons back to the Abyss.
  • Period:
    Jan 14, 910
    Feb 13, 910

    The Siege of Yggdrasil

    Bemonic forces led by Belaphoss approached the Tree of Life. Forces from the Khyl Rudon Homelands met them in battle to dissuade them from the attack. They were joined by several dragon tribes that had left their enclaves to defend the Tree. Belaphoss introduced air and land cavalry bearing the insignia of Pharaoh Amunhikhosef on charmed dinosaurs. The elves and dragons were simply out numbered nearly 20 to 1. The Khyl Rudon were forced to retreat to defend the Tree of Life.