Nick Rizzo: Era of Activism Timeline

  • Publication of Silent Spring

    Publication of Silent Spring
    This novel showed the world about what could happen to the Earth and lead to major changes in Earth care.
  • Congress Passes Clean Air Act

    Congress Passes Clean Air Act
    The Clean Air Act provided for regulation of pollution. Congress realized what was happening to the environment and they decided to put an end to it.
  • Publication of Feminine Mystique

    Publication of Feminine Mystique
    This book gave women the urge to fight for their rights and burst out of the role that they currently were given by the world.
  • Publication of Unsafe At Any Point

    Publication of Unsafe At Any Point
    This landmark novel made people realize the dangers of automobiles. For years, people marveled at them as if they were the best thing ever. Nader showed America that they can be deadly, and need to be treated with caution.
  • NOW is Funded

    NOW is Funded
    This group for women worked hard to make them equals in the world.
  • UFW's Boycott of Grapes

    UFW's Boycott of Grapes
    The UFW had just lost their contracts to do work for the farms when it came to grapes and other products so they asked the world to boycott any and all grapes.
  • Woodstock

    Woodstock was a hippie festival filled with music and drugs. It symbolized the period in time and the counter culture movement.
  • First Earth Day Celebration

    First Earth Day Celebration
    This celebration was created to teach the public about how to care for the Earth.
  • EPA is Established

    EPA is Established
    The EPA was formed to regulate how the environment was treated during a time when this was a major concern.
  • Protestors From AIM Take Over Reservation at Wounded Knee

    Protestors From AIM Take Over Reservation at Wounded Knee
    Native American protesters took over a once famous indian land.