Melba Patillo: Worriors Don't Cry

  • Racial Problem

    NAACP Conducted Racial Perblems
  • School Integrated

    University of Arkansas school of law is integrated
  • Melba Patillo: Worriors Don't Cry

    Melba was born on Pearl Harbor Day.
  • Period: to


  • Melba Patillo: Worriors Dont Cry

    Brown Vs. Borad of Education of Topeka, Kansas.
  • Melba Patillo: Worriors Don't Cry

    Melba, 13 years old chosen to go to Central High School, an all white school in Little Rock.
  • Melba Patillo: Worriors Don't Cry

    The newspaper said the Little Rock school board had adopted a plan to limit intregration to Central High School.
  • Register

    Twenty-seven black students attempt to register in all-white Little Rock schools, but are turned down.
  • Melba Patillo: Worriors Don't Cry

    The NAACP filed suit in Fereral District Court to make the schools integrate.
  • Melba Patillo: Wooriors Don't Cry

    Melba was enrolled as a student at Central High.
  • Chances Are

    Johnny Mathis had his first big song on the hit parade.
  • Melba

    Federal District Judge Ronald Davies nullifies the injunction.
  • Melba Patillo: Worriors Don't Cry

    They didnt allowed to begin.
  • City & States Police

    Faubus says he's hoping for no unrest; U.S. keeping close eye on little rock.
  • Melba patilli: Worriors don't Cry

    Under escort by the Army troops, the nine black students are escorted back into Central High.
  • Melba Married Life.

    Melba Married to Matthew Beals. They had one dauthter but divorced after ten year of marriage. She subsequently adopted two boys.