World War II

  • Nazi Invasion of Poland

    Nazi Invasion of Poland
  • Period: to

    world war II

  • Assination on hitler fails

    Assination on hitler fails
    On this day, Hitler had beed addressing the Old Guard party members at a Beer Hall Putsch. Just 12 Minutes after Hitler left the hall a bomb exploded. It was secreatly held in a pillar behind spealer's platform. 7 people were killed and 63 wounded
  • Belgium surrenders to the Nazis

    German forces have moved into belgium on May 10, 1940. But disregarding the odds King Lepold III of Belgium kept pushing his forced to keep fighting. By May 28, the king of Belgium finally relized that his army was depleted and there was no other option.
  • Hitler declared Blockade over Britian

    German blockades Britian, heavily mining its waters and vowing to attack all approaching ships no matter if its neutral or not.
  • Nazis order Jews to wear yellow stars

    Nazis order Jews to wear yellow stars
    This policy requied Jewish men and women to wear yellow stars on their clothes in occupied areas, including Jewish ghettos. This separated the Jews from the non-jews.
  • Hitler declares war on the US

    The German Government discontinues diplomatic relation with the US and declared that under the circumsances, Germany considers herself as being in a state of war with the United states
  • Allies land in Sicily

    Allies land in Sicily
    When the invasion of Sicily was going on. American cargoships bomb from a german plane
  • D-day landing on the northern coast of France

    D-day landing on the northern coast of France
    General Eisenhower gives the order of the day to paratroopers in England. It was called "Full victory - Nothing else"
  • Allies Liberate Bunchenwald

    Allies Liberate Bunchenwald
    The Nazis were about to dipose of a truck load of bodies from Bunchenwald concentration camp with the camp was captured by troops of the US 3rd army. the camp was used for slave labor
  • First atomic bomb dropped on Japan

    First atomic bomb dropped on Japan
    For six months, United states had made intense stategic bombings of 67 Japanese cities. Together with the United kingdom and the Republic of China the U.S called for a surrender of Japan. the Japanese government ignored this ultimatum. By the executive order of President Harry S Turman. US dropped the Nuclear weapon in the city of Hiroshima.