• Germany Invades Poland

    The invasion happened a week after the non agression pact. German forces invaded Poland from the north, south, and west. Germany invaded poland in 1 month 5 days. the country of poland was split it two between germany and soviet russia.
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  • France surrenders to Germany

    After a heavy push from German armed forces, French government officals fled to Paris, where an armistice announcing France's surrender was signed. This was a pivotal victory for the Axis Powers.
  • Hitler Invades USSR

    Under the codename Operation "Barbarossa," Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 in the largest German military operation of World War II.
  • Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor

    The suprise attack commited by the Japnese on the United States. Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941. The next day the United States declared war on Japan.
  • Doolittle Raid

    This was an air attack by the US on Japan. It was the counterattack for Japan bombing Pearl Harbor. It was called the Doolittle raid because the commander was named James H Doolittle and he was the one who planned the attack.
  • U.S. Flag raised on Suribachi

    This battle proved to be easy for the American's to defeat the Japanese. When the U.S. flag was raised, it showed the U.S. victory.
  • D-Day

    D-Day was the most gruesome , bloody, and intense war. It was fought off the coast of Normandy. US paratroopers landed on the beaches and invaded the German army.
  • Money Problems in the western P.A.

    For the fifth time, the War Loans for Western Pennsylvania go over. This time it went $5,000,000 over the $334,914,500 quota.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge was the last major German offensive of the war. The goal for Germany was to attack, split Britian and the U.S and hopefully get Britian to surrendor in the end. That didn't happen though.
  • The First Atomic Bomb Dropped On Japan

    Missile Is Equal to 20,000 Tons of TNT; Truman Warns Foe of a 'Rain of Ruin'