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  • Volunteers Inservice to America (VISTA), 1964

     Volunteers Inservice  to America  (VISTA), 1964
    is Anti-proverty program created by Lyndin Johnson's Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 as the domestic verison of the Peace corpes
  • Economic Opportunity Act,1964

    Economic Opportunity Act,1964
    According to, tthe purpose of the Economic Opportunituy Act is to eliminate theparadox of poverty in the madst of plenty in this nation by opening... to everyone... The opportunity for eduction and training, the opportunity to work, and to live in decency and dignity.
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 1965

    The Department of Housing and Urban  Development  (HUD), 1965
    The goal of Department of housing and Urban Development is to have affordable homes for all and to protect consumers to meet the need for quality affordable rental homes build substainable committes free form discrimation.
  • Medicare

    Medicare provides hospital and low-cost medicare insurance to most americans age 65 and olderl.
  • Medicaid,1965

    Provide low cost health insurance coverage to the poor Americans of any age who cannot afford their own private health insurance
  • The National Foundation of the Arts and Humanities,1965

    The National Foundation of the Arts and Humanities,1965
    It is for advancement of the humanties of arts. By local, states,reginal, and private agencies and their organizations
  • Elementary and Secondary Education of 1965

    This act stated that there be equal access to education and establishes high standards and accountabitity
  • Water Quality Act, 1965

    Required states to establish and enforce water quality standards for inter state waterwayd to prevent pollution.
  • Immirgration Act of 1965

    Immirgration Act of 1965
    This act let more people enter America from all different countries also entails a separate quota for refugees. The bill was for future immirgrants to be welcome because of their skills/ proffessions, and not for the country of orgin.
  • Clean Water Restoration Act,1966

    The clean water restoration Act of 1966 to fine any pollutor when fail to submit reports $100 per day, requires by law.
  • The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, 1966

    These were two bills that were made to make the federal government responsible for setting and enforcing safety standards for cars and roads. This was becauce there were so many citizens that were getting killed on highway, and streets