Ww2 newspaper

Battles of World War II

  • Germany invades poland

    Poland were easily defeated as they were still relying on horse back where as Germany already had tanks. Poland had no chance.
  • Period: to

    Time of the War

  • Germany invades Denmark and Norway

    Hitler goes against the treaty he had with Denmark and invades Denmark along with Norway.
  • Germany invades Holland and Belgium

    Hitler invades Holland and Belgium armed with 136 divisions.
  • Operation Dynamo

    The fall of Belguim had trapped British forces. They could only escape back to european land through they french coast port, called Dunkirk. They enrolled civilians to bring boats across and ended up rescing a grand total of 338,226 men.
  • The Fall of France

    Air raids began on Paris. Not long after 2000 tanksrolled towards the capital.
  • The Battle of the Atlantic

    The Germans partolledd the British coast line to stop all supplys from America from getting to Britain. The British retaliated by using a method simular to radar to detect them.
  • Governement leaves france

    The Goverenment left France and WW1 veterin Marchal Henri Petain then took control and surrendered to the Germans
  • Battle of Britain

    The Luftwaffe bombed the major cities including london multiple times in an effort to make Britain surrender. They left London in rubble but Britain didn't surrener.
  • Germany takes over Yugoslavia and Greece

    Hitler said that he was trying to protect the Germans that were there. Britain then helped Greece defend against Germany. 43,000 Australiand and Newzealanders were evacuated to Crete, Egypt.
  • Germans are stopped outside Moscow.

  • Operation Barbarossa

    Germans invade Russia fron the eastern front. They run into trouble in the extreme winter with their supply lines.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan declares was on the United States and Britain. Japan bombed the navel base at Pearl Harbor in Hawii. Over 2000 Americans were killed. The US was then invoved in the war.
  • Fall of the Philippines

    The day after Pearl Harbor Japan took over the Philippines. This then lead to Japan ruling all east Asia.
  • Battle of midway

  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Houseto house fighting in Russia led to a german defeat. Thousands of Russians died daily trying to stop Germany.
  • Allies in Italy

    In an effort to gain control of the capital city they landed on the peninsula and fort their way up until they got trapped on the beaches and they evacuated after May 23, 1944.
  • The British attack on El Alamein, Egypt

    The British used fack tanks to distract the Egyptions while they attacked from the other side. They prevailed because they simply had better fire power
  • The Allies attack Morocco

    Nearly a year after Pearl Harbor, 185,000 soldiers landed on the northeren coast of Africa in Algeria.
  • D-Day

    This was and continues to be the biggest military assult in history. The Allies landed on the beaches. The worse battle was on Omaha beach where American soliders were mown down as they stepped off the landing craft.
  • The battle of Bulge

  • End of the War

    Britain finally prevailed and ended nearly 7 years of war