The Crucible

  • Parris finds out

    Reverend Parris prays over Betty who is unconscious.
  • Period: to

    Act 1

  • Girls in Woods

    The girls are in the woods practicing witchcraft.
  • Abigail accuses Tituba

    Abigail accuses Tituba of leading the activities. Titbua accuses other people of being witches.
  • Hale Summoned

    Reverend John Hale of Beverly is summoned to look upon Betty and research the incident
  • John and Elizabeth Talk

    John and Elizabeth talk about the happenings in Salem and about their affair. Also she says to John that he must reveal Abigail is a fake
  • Period: to

    Act 2

  • Mary: Official of Court

    Mary is now a official of the court
  • Poppet

    Mary gives Elizabeth a poppet
  • Proctor: 10 Commandments

    John is questioned by Reverend Hale. He can not recite all of his commandments. Adultery is the one he can not remember.
  • Elizabeth Arresten

    Cheever and Herrick arrive to arrest Elizabeth. They find a poppet with a needle in it. Abigail accused Elizabeth's spirit of stabbing her.
  • Proctor tells Mary

    John says to Mary that she should testify against Abigail
  • Giles Accusations

    Giles Corey interrupts the court and declares that Thomas Putnam is reaching out for land.
  • Period: to

    Act 3

  • John and Mary enter

    John Proctor and Marry enter. Mary says that she never saw any spirits.
  • Girls Scream

    The girls say that they are freezing, in a attempt to show that Mary is doing something to them
  • Abigail Testify

    Abigal, when brough in for questioning, denounces that there was ever a affair
  • Yellow Bird

    When John keeps saying that there was a affair, Abigail says that there is a yellow bird sent by Mary to attack the girls.
  • Mary Saves herself

    To save herself from being called a witch, Mary tells the court that Proctor was with the devil and forced her to testify. John is arrested.
  • Parris Panics

    John was liked by many in the village, and he fears that people might think the court is corrupt.
  • Period: to

    Act 4

  • John and Elizabeth Talk

    The court allows Elizabeth to talk to John and try to get him to confess. She says that she forgives him and knows that whatever he does, it will be right.
  • John Proctor Confesses

    John confesses to withcraft. The court makes him sign his confession, so he does. He finds out that they will hang it on the church door so he tears it up.
  • John Proctor Hangs

    John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and Martha Corey Hang.