Marie curie 400pi h

Something out of Nothing by Carla Killough McClafferty. This story is an amazing novel on how radium was discovered.

By adambom
  • Marie's birth

    Marie's birth
    She was born november 7, 1867 in warsaw poland
  • Mom dies of tuberculosis

    Mom dies of tuberculosis
    This was a life changing event in maries life, it made her depressed.
  • Marie graduates second in her class in math

    Marie graduates second in her class in math

    Marie was hired to do a study of magnetic properties of steel in laboratory with pierre.
  • Marie meets Pierre Curie

    Marie meets Pierre Curie
  • a glow

    a glow
    (not a valid month and day)
    marie curie becomes intrested in glowing rays from radioactivity
  • Maries first daughter was born

    Maries first daughter was born
    Maries daughters name was Irene
  • Curie's discovered polonium and radium

  • newspapers causing trouble.

    newspapers causing trouble.
    (Not a valid date)
    the newspaper articles led people to beleive radium was the answer to almost any phyical problem.
  • Pierres accident

    Pierres accident
    after pierre's tragic death from getting his skull crushed by a horse drawn wagon. marie took his place at the Sorbonne. She was the first woman to work there.
  • WWI

    during WWI Marie took the radium and put it in a safe so it can be protected
  • Radum Institute

    Radum Institute
    The Radium Institute was finished around July 1914 and was used for marie to continue her lab work with radium.
  • Little Curies

    Little Curies
    These were Marie's Mobile Field X Ray Units for the war they started working at 1914 and ended 1919.
  • Radium Girls

    Radium Girls
    (not a valid month and day)
    The radium girls sued the radium whatch painting company becuase they all got radiatoin sickness and died.
  • french academy

    french academy
    (not a valid month and day)
    She was elected to the french academy for her contribution to radiological medicine.
  • radithor

    (not a valid month and day)
    radithor was the deadliest of all radium products becuase it contained the highest dose of radium.
  • Marie visits U.S.A

    Marie visits U.S.A
    (not a valid month and day)
    Marie visited the United States and was honored by Warren G. Harding and Herbert C. Hoover and she was given a gram of radium worth $100,000
  • maries death

    maries death
    marie died becuase of overexposure to radium.
  • Danger

    (not a valid month or day)
    after mining the natural radium underground, people had paid to sit in the underground mines to expose themselve to radon believing they could cure their physical problems.
  • Marie and pierre's death

    Marie and pierre's death
    they were moved to a small cemetery in sceaux in the pantheon were frances most famouse people were buried.