12 Years A Slave

  • Birth

    Solomon Northup was born on July 10, 1808 in New York.
  • Battle of Tippecanoe

  • French and British forces repel American attacks on Canada

  • War of 1812 begins

  • Treaty of Fort Jackson ends Creek War

  • Worked on his family farm

  • Solomons father dies

  • Married

    Solomon married a woman named Anne Hampton
  • Fiddle

    In the 1830's Solomon was a well known fiddle player
  • Indian Removal Act Oregon Trail opens

  • Nat Turner's revolt

  • First House

    In 1832 he and his wife bought a farm
  • Daughter Margaret was born

  • Moved

    His family was doing so well they moved to Saratoga Springs
  • Son Alonzo was born

  • Sold the Farm

  • Arkansas admission to the US

  • The Trail of Tears

  • New York State Legislature had passed a law committing the state to help any African-American residents kidnapped into slavery

  • Sold to James Birch

  • Taken

    In March of 1841 Solomon was offered good money by two men to play the fiddle but was then drugged, beaten, held captive and enslaved in Louisiana.
  • Sold to John Thibaut

    Solomon was sold
  • Sold to Edwin Epps

  • Solomon meets Bass

    Bass writes letters for Solomon to give to his family
  • Solomon was free again

  • He published 12 years a slave

  • Lived with his daughter Margaret

  • Gave lecture in Canada

  • Abe Lincoln is nominated president

  • Death

  • Battle of Gettysburg