12 Years A Slave

By RyleeMB
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    12 Years A Slave

  • Birth of solomon Northup

    Birth of solomon Northup
    Solomon Northup was born. On this day the famous story begins.
  • Married

    Solomon got married to Anne Hamptom!
  • Margaret Northup

    Margaret Northup
    Anne and solomon had their first child together. Margaret northup was born.
  • Elizabeth Northup

    Elizabeth Northup
    Elizabeth was not mentioned in the book or the movie. But was the third child of Anne and Solomon
  • Birth of Alonzo Northup

    Birth of Alonzo Northup
    Alonzo was solomon and annes second child.
  • Kidnapped

    Solomon Went to washington for buisness with 2 men. A few days later Solomon was drugged and kidnapped. He woke up chained to a wall in a cell.
  • Platt Hamilton?

    Platt Hamilton?
    After getting of the ship that transported him, solomon discovered his new name, his slave name that the owners gave to him. He was given a new past as a slave.

    When Solomon woke up and realized what had happened to him he told the men that come in he was a free man and this was not allowed. Solomon was beaten until the paddles were broke then whipped. They would not stop till Solomon said he wasn't a free man
  • 1st day as a slave

    1st day as a slave
    Solomon was sold by Mr. Freeman and bought by Master Ford. Master Ford was one of the nicer owners. Solomon and Eliza lived together here.
  • Hung

    Solomon got dragged across the yard and hung up in a tree by master tibeats because of an argument they had. Solomon stayed hungup in the tree toes hardly touching the ground till master Ford got home and cut him down
  • edwin epps

    edwin epps
    Edwin Epps was solomons second owner. he was the most cruel and rude master of all.
  • Cotton Fields

    Cotton Fields
    Solomon had to work in the cotton fields all day. If after a days work he did not have 200 pounds worth of cotton he would be beaten.
  • Betrayed

    Solomon worked hard and made a letter with berries and wood. He put his money and trust into a man named Armsby. Armsby betrayed Solomon and told master Epps what Solomon asked of him.
  • whipped patsy

    whipped patsy
    Solomon was forced to whip patsy, his friend, while master and mistress epps watched. He was orced to whip her hard until her skin was raw.
  • Chased with a knife

    Chased with a knife
    Solomon was sent to retrieve patsy and when they returned he told her to keep walking and to not look at master Epps. Partly drunk Epps saw and chased Solomon with a knife for telling her such things.
  • Judge Turner

    Judge Turner
    Epps gave Solomon and a handful of other slaves to Judge Turner for a season. Turner was nice to Solomon and got him violine gigs to play at and make money for himself.
  • Freedom

    With the help of a canadian worker Samual Bass, Solomon got saved from friends from his home that had documents of Solomon being a free man
  • Reunited with his family

    Reunited with his family
    Solomon was brought back to his family after more then a decade of being apart. His children were older and married some with children.
  • Release of his book

    Release of his book
    After only a few months after he was freed solomon got his book published with the help of wilson and henry Northup who helped free him.
  • Death of solomon

    Death of solomon
    Solomon northup passed away. The details of his death were never documented as his death and where abouts were unknown.