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Short History of the Colt Revolver

  • The first model

    The first model
    Samuel Colt got the idea of designing a pistol with a revolving cylinder from watching the wheel on a ship while he was working as a seaman. He creates a wooden model and tries for several years to make a real one that works.
  • Patent granted in England

    Patent granted in England
    Samuel Colt continued to work on his invention and in 1835 he was issued its first patent (Number 6909) in England.
  • Patent received in the United States

    Patent received in the United States
    Samuel Colt receives a patent for an improved revolver that could shoot many bullets called the Patterson Pistol. He didn't invent the pistol but he made it better.
  • Patent Arms Manufacturing Company is formed

    Samuel Colt start a company in Patterson, New Jersey to make revolvers, rifles and shotguns. He sells them to some Texas Rangers who are fighting the Native American Indians. THe company doesn't o very well even thought the gun is very popular
  • Mexican-American War

    Mexican-American War
    Samuel Colt designs a new revolver with the help of another Texas Ranger named Samuel Walker and makes the Walker-Colt Revolver. He signs a contract to make guns for the War Department to fight in the war against Mexico and sells over 1000 guns.
  • The largest private arms manufacturing facility in the world

    The largest private arms manufacturing facility in the world
    By 1855 Colt had the largest private arms manufacturing facility in the world. His Navy Colt was especially popular with gunfighters like Wild Bill Hickok.
  • Samuel Colt dies

    Samuel Colt dies
    Samuel Colt died on 14th January, 1862. His wife, Elizabeth, took over the company. Colt sold over 100,00 guns and rifles during the Civil War.
  • Colt’s Manufacturing Company today

    Colt’s Manufacturing Company today
    Today, Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC operates just a few miles away from Samuel Colt’s original Hartford, Connecticut armory and continues to maintain its position as one of the world’s leading gun manufacturers