Marie Sklodowska Curie

  • Marie Sklodowska was born

    Marie Slkodowska (later Curie) was born in Warsaw, Poland. She was the fifth youngest child of two well-known scientists Bronisława and Władysław Skłodowski.
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    Marie Sklodowska Curie's Life

  • Bronislawa Sklodowska died (Curie's mother)

    When Marie was twelve her mother opened an all girl boarding school and soon after Bronislawa Sklodowska died of tuberculosis.
  • Grauated Secondary School at age 15

  • Curie Graduated Highschool

    Soon after her graduation she made a promise with her sister Bronisława( named after her mother) that she would give financial assistance during Bronisława's medical studies in Paris.
  • Entered The Sorbonnein in Paris

  • Married Peirre Curie

    Married Peirre Curie
  • Worked on Doctorates Degree in Physics and Chemistry

    Worked on Doctorates Degree in Physics and Chemistry
    Curies' worked was inspired by Antoine Henri Becquerei. Her work became devoted to trying new experiments and she always thanked Antione Henri Becquerei.
  • Irene Curie was Born

    Marie gave birth to her first child.
  • Announced the discovey of Radium and Polonium

    These substances were two previosuly unknown elements and are also radioactive.
  • Won a Noble Prize in Physics

    In 1903, the Royal Swedish Academy awarded Peirre Curie, MArie Curie and Henri Becquerel the Nobel Prize in Physics. Since this award Peirre Curie and Marie Curie became very famous. The Sorbonne gave Peirre a professorship and permitted him to open his own laboratory.
  • Recieved the Davy Medal

  • Recieved the Mattecci Medal

  • Eva Curie was Born

    Eva Curie was Born
    Marie Curie gave birth to her second and youngest child.
  • Pierre Curie Died

    His death was an accident in a street tragdety. When he was crossing the Rue Daphine he was struck by horse-drawn carriage which fractured his skull and later resulted in his death.
  • Won a Seond Noble Prize in Chemistry

  • Marie Curie Died

    Curie died of leukemia do to many years of unprotected radiation exposure.
    Marie Curie was a very significant women in history. Without her and her husband's devoted work there would be no such thing as Radium or Polonium. Also, she inspired many women to take a career into the scientific world.