Al Capone

Timeline created by geordenendres
  • Birth Date

    Al Capone was born on january 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Al Capone growing up

    When Al Capone turned 14 he began skipping school, His first job was a clerk in a sweet shop, then a pinball setter in a bowling alley.
  • Al gets married

    At a party he met a girl named Mae Coughlin and all fell in love at first sight. On December 18 Al got married to her.
  • Al is a father

    His fist son was born. they named him Sonny.
  • Al Moves to Chicago

    Al move to Chicago with his family.
  • Angelo Genna is shot

    Hymie Weiss arranged the killing of Angelo
  • He organized his national network for the bootleg industry

    he linked up amazing gangs for the bootleg industry
  • Young policeman dies

    McSwiggin a police officer gets killed
  • Main gangleader meeting

    Capone summond main gangleaders at the hotel Sherman
  • Capone makes a peace treaty

    Capone made a peace treaty with other gangsters
  • Capone goes to to Los Angeles

    His family took a short trip to Los Angeles
  • the murder of Antonio Lombardo

    Capones personal freind was murdered by an opposing gang.
  • O'Banion dies

    Al capone arranges the killing O'banion
  • stock market crashes

    the stock market crashes.
  • Capone dies

    Al capone died in bed with his family surrounding him