The Magic Castle

  • Birth

    Alex was born to his birth mother Christine and father George
  • Foster Care

    Foster Care
    Alex is given into the custody of Carole and Sam Smith.
  • Drawing of his past

    Drawing of his past
    Alex has a secret past that he only sees in flashes
  • Christine calls and threats

    Christine calls and threats
    Alex's mother calls the Smith house hold and show up at Alex's horse show and threathens him.
  • Adoption

    Sam and Carole offically adopt Alex
  • Sexual Abuse Memory and Rebirth

    Sexual Abuse Memory and Rebirth
    Alexs's first memory of being sexually abused by his mother and uncle. they deiside that this should be his birthday.
  • Ricky

    First personality we see. Ricky was created to deal with event in Alex's past that had to deal with being in a visious cult.
  • The twin

    The twin
    6 to 8 years old. 1st personality that he come in contact with. The twin deals with pain and he is Alex's protector.
  • Goldstem

    Alex's cult name, second personality that he came in contact with. helps Alex deal with sexual encounters while in the cult.
  • The one who handels drugs

    The one who handels drugs
    frist came to Alex when alex was 5 years old.
  • Halloween Boy

    Halloween Boy
    This personality had to sheild Alex from killings and protect him from wanting to kill durring the sacramental cerimonies.
  • Easter Boy

    Easter Boy
    at 5 years old this personality was made to sheild him from the memories of having to reserict sacerficed babies that he had killed.
  • The Old One

    The Old One
    The personality that was created to keep alex strong and in an older frame of mind. He kept alex from killing himself
  • Lee

    This is a personality of a personality, The Old One created Lee for himself for Alex to give him courage. Lee recreates himself a lot. He first came to him when he was 5 then later was recreated at the age of 10 to give him courage to except Sam and Carole.
  • Brian

    The alternative that was created to handle the need for revenge. He is the reason this book was published. This is his way of getting back at Christene.