The life of Abigail Adams

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  • Abigail Smith is Born

    Abigail Smith is born to William and Elizabeth Smith on November 22, 1744 at the parsonage in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
  • Abigail's childhood

    Abigail's childhood
  • Abigail's childhod

    Abigail Adams grew up near Boston, Mass. She was a very helpful child and she was willing and loved to learn.
  • Abigail and John Adams are Married

    Abigail marries John Adams, a young lawyer from Braintree, Massachusetts.
  • Their Life

    Abigail, John, and their children Nabby and John Quincy move from their home in Braintree to Boston.
  • The Boston Massacre

    Five colonists are killed by British Soldiers during the Boston Massacre, John later agrees to represent the british soldiers.
  • Managing the Farm

    Abigail handles the farm in Braintree, while John goes to Philedelphia to serve as part of the First Continental Congress.
  • The American Revolution

    The first battles of the American Revolution are fought in Lexington and Concord.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    From Braintree, Abigail and her son John Quincy watch the Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Abigail and Inoculations

    Abigail takes her children: Nabby, John Quincy, Charles and Thomas to Boston to get Smallpox Inoculations.
  • The declaration of Independence

    Abigail hears the Declaration of Independence read aloud from the Balcony of Boston Statehouse.
  • To Europe we go!

    John, accompanied by John Quincy and Charles, travel to Paris to negotiate a Peace Treaty with Great Britain.
  • Abigail sells some European and Chinese Goods

    Abigail sells imported goods from Europe and China.
  • Peace with Paris

    The treaty of Paris, signed by John Adams, officially ends the American Revolution.
  • Settin' sail for Europe

    Abigail and Nabby set sail for Europe where they will be reunited with John.
  • Abigail sells some European and Chinese goods

    Abigail sells goods imported from Europe and China.
  • Nabby Adams becomes Abigail Smith

    Nabby Adams is married to William Stephens Smith at their parent's home in London.
  • Back home to America

    John and Abigail return to the United States and move into a new home in Braintree, called Peacefield.
  • George Washington-First U.S. President

    George Washington is elected as the first U.S. President, and John Adams is elected as the first Vice President.
  • Philidelphia, here we come!

    Abigail and John move to Philedelphia, the new capital city.
  • John Adams- Second President of the U.S.A

    John Adams becomes the Second U.S. President.
  • Fancy President's House

    Abigail and John move into the New President's House (Now known as the White House) in the United States Capital.
  • Has it really been 50 years?

    Abigail and John celebrate their 50th wedding Anniversary at their home Peacefield
  • Abigail Adams Passes away

    Abigail Adams Dies of Typhoid Fever
  • John Adams Passes away

    John Adams Passes away during the presidency of John Quincy Adams. He and John Adams dies within hours of another revolutionary figure, Thomas Jefferson.
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    The life of Abigail Adams

    This is the Timeline of the Life of Abigail Adams. From her date of birth to her date of Death, she was a remarkable woman. This is her story.