The big three

World History Timeline

By bvenner
  • Bolshevik Revolution

  • Bolshevik's Take Power

  • Period: to

    World History Timeline

  • American's Find Another Reason to Dislike Moscow's New Regime

  • Red Scare

  • FDR Takes Office as The United States President

  • First American Embassy in the Soviet Union is Opened

  • Nazi-Soviet Pact is Formed

  • German Attack - U.S. Enters Second World War

  • Big Three Agreed to Open Second Front

  • The Second Front of the War is Created

  • World Bank is Founded by The Big Three

  • Crumble of the Second World Alliance

  • The Big Three Meet at the Yelta Conference

  • Political Changes Sweep the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

  • Collapse of Soviet Union

  • Discrediting of Communist Idealology