timeline of atoms, elements and the periodic table

  • 330

    periodic table

    the periodic table was created
  • 360


    plato coins became elements
  • May 20, 1250


    Arcenic was discovered
  • May 20, 1300


    Zinc was found in india
  • Phosphorus

    Phosphorus was discovered
  • Antonomy

    Antonomy was discovered
  • cobalt

    cobalt was branded
  • platinum

    platnium was discovered
  • bismuth

    Geoffery discoverd
  • hydrogen

    discovered in canverdish
  • chemistry

    chemistry was invented
  • first elements

    first elemets were discvered
  • periodic table

    was translated into english
  • daltons law

    daltons law was made
  • elements

    elements were grouped
  • periodic table

    elements were represented by letters
  • elements

    only 28 elements have been discovered
  • periodic table

    periodic table reaaranged
  • the periodic table

    periodic table was published
  • periodic table

    by 1869, 63 elements were discovered
  • elements

    radioactive elements were disocvered
  • atomic numer

    henry mosely determined the atomic number for each element
  • elements

    all elements have been discovered
  • discoveries

    Lanthanids and actinides were found
  • nickel

    contrasted in 1951